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The capital of Suriname, Paramaribo sits on the estuary of the Suriname river. It is famous for its historic "old town" sector, a fascinating area of old wooden houses that is a UNESCO heritage site. Such is the (now faded) splendour of the area that it is known by some as the jewel of the Caribbean. 

The warungs (informal restaurants serving typical local food) around Blauwgrond are  little hotspots of Surinamese-Javanese flavours. There are also Chinese restaurants (there’s a sizeable Chinese population here), as well as places specialising in Indian rotis – a sort of soft flatbread with various fillings.

You’ve got to try the pom and the pastei too.


Nature-lovers will enjoy the flowers and lush vegetation in Paramaribo, and you’ve got to have a wander around Palmentuin, a peaceful garden of many towering palm trees.

The cathedral of St. Petrus and St. Paulus, located at the lower end of one of the main city streets, Henck Arronstraat, is said to be the biggest wooden structure in the western hemisphere, lending an imposing dignity to the surroundings.

Just down the street is Independence Square and the magnificent presidential palace, while on the riverside sits Fort Zeelandia, now retired but once the protector of the city.