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STAS International, Strategic Communication and Branding, is a full brand building bureau, situated in Paramaribo, Surinam. STAS positions brands and takes the responsibility for the whole communication from Strategy till Creation for accounts/clients from the profit - and non-profit sector, government and nongovernmental organizations. Because of her very professional way of thinking, working, deliverables and image, STAS International focuses on the top-100 companies, organizations and institutions in Surinam.

STAS International has, as the Strategic Communication and Branding Authority, a full time professional art-studio, from which she operates via her Account Managers, based on the strategy, established for and with her accounts/clients. Karin B. Refos is the Managing Director, Kenzo Soemodihardjo is the Creative Director.

STAS International has as her central base, professionals who are responsible for the coordination and (artistic) implementation for her several divisions: Strategic Communication and Branding, STAS Caribe Management, STAS Events, Branding by Events and STAS Traffic, PR and Media.


Stas Showreel 2014-2015

The art studio consists of:

  • 2 part time art directors
  • 1 full time
  • 2 part time graphic designers
  • 1 traffic manager

For the conceptualization of creations, STAS International often hires foreign fully professional art-directors. De art-studio in Surinam implements the final process.  The implementation of events, infomercials, commercials, documentaries, billboards, brochures, folders etc. are totally produced at the STAS studio, where suppliers are hired when needed.

Furthermore other personnel at STAS:

  • 1 Creative Director
  • 2 Communication and marketing strategists
  • 2 Account Managers
  • Copywriters (divers per project)
  • Sr. Consultants (divers per project)

STAS International, Strategic Communication and Branding:


  • • Branding, Positioning and Re- Positioning for brands, companies,
    organizations and institutions
  • • Production and implementation of Marketing and Communication Strategies
  • • Designing and production of all communication concepts such as:
    brochures, folders, banners, posters, press maps, (company) infomercials etc.
  • • In house own art-studio, also for productions of films and animations

STAS Events, Branding by Events:


  • • Coordination, logistic implementation and Production of Events,
    National - and International Conferences, Seminars, Exhibitions for
    companies and organizations, related to and regarding the brand
  • • Artistic concept development, production and Implementation,
    related to and regarding the brand
  • • Organization of press conferences and Press briefings related to and
    regarding the brand
STAS International
STAS International

STAS Caribe Management:


  • • Interim management
  • • Project-and Policy development (also based on workshop sessions)
  • • Research
  • • Training

STAS Traffic, PR and Media Traffic:


  • • Development of PR and media Strategies
  • • All Communication and PR( Target group oriented)
  • • Lobby to the media
  • • Support at the Production of Press releases
  • • Media coordination and implementation for broadcasting