Welcome at the leading private association for tourism development and promotion in Suriname

The Suriname Hospitality and Tourism Association (SHATA) offers essential services to improve Tourism in Suriname with the aim of increasing the number of travelers and tourist spending. Therefore, SHATA creates real value and business opportunities for its members.

The 5 main services the SHATA provides to improve Tourism in Suriname are:

  • Lobby services:
    To provide, on the basis of solid research, solicited and unsolicited inputs to the Government regarding tourism policies and strategies.
  • Marketing and promotions:
    To promote Suriname as a tourism destination in selected markets and market segments in cooperation with the Government.
  • Market intelligence:
    To provide relevant, up to date market info both on domestic and international target markets.
  • Tourism education:
    To help foster tourism education in Suriname, especially vocational training for the hospitality sector.
  • Value and service for SHATA members:
    Providing excellent service to our members and creating new business and opportunities.


Interested in the joint marketing promotions, special offers, real business savings and all other benefits of Suriname’s leading Hospitality and Tourism Association?


  • To qualify for membership your company must be registered by the Chamber of Commerce Suriname.
  • Must either be operational in the Tourism sector or have an affiliation.
  • Companies under construction, if within two years of membership SHATA construction is finalized you will eligible for membership.