About Us

About Us


The Suriname Hospitality and Tourism Association (SHATA) is a leading organization for the overall hospitality and tourism sector. It has been founded by the private sector and creates benefits to all actors in the hospitality and tourism business on national, regional and international levels.

Our mission statement

The mission of SHATA (Suriname Hospitality and Tourism Association) is to promote the value of sustainable tourism in Suriname and jointly generate additional expenses from visitors!

Board members

Chairman Sylvia Ang (Anaula resort en Akira resort)
Secretary Gyo Gummels (Purity tours)
Treasurer Karuna Kartaram (Queens hotel and Multitravel)
Commissioner Ronny Bhoelai (All Suriname tours)

Johan Sandie (SLM)


Our staff

Administrative SHATA Nalini Baran