COVID-19 Info
SHATA 10 Maart 2021 Quarantaine Accommodaties (V8).pdf


The Government of Suriname has officially closed the airspace on 13 March 2020. 
During the pandemic, Suriname closed the airport for commercial flights and until recently only repatriation flights are allowed.

Restriction to Travel to Suriname
To enter Suriname, travelers are required to complete different documents, submit a negative RT- PCR test, have an insurance and a confirmed accommodation form. it is also possible to request self quarantine accommodations, 10 days prior to your travel. This can be requested by sending an email to

 Government Quarantine 
SHATA has inventoried different accommodations, that has been approved by the local health authorities BOG Suriname. 
As a guest of an accommodation, there are several protocols to follow up.
Please read the government accommodation protocols by using this link:

 Protocols for the Branches
Port Health has written several protocols for the different branches in Suriname.
All the protocols can be found on the local health authority website

SHATA has worked on the protocols for her sector 
Resorts and recreation :                        /media/25779/covid-19-protocol_-recreatieoorden-en-resorts_versie-8_-28-sept-2020.pdf 
estaurants and Bars:                          /media/25780/covid-19-protocol-eetgelegenheden-en-bars_outdoor-eating-_versie-50.pdf 
our Operators and Travel Agents:   /media/25778/covid-19-preventie-protocol-boekingskantoren-en-reis-bureaus.pdf             

 As of 23 November, the Airspace has partially opened. This means that there are several airlines which are allowed to fly.
The Mid Atlantic route ( Paramaribo- Amsterdam) and some of the regional flights will be opened. 
Please contact your local travel agent for more information, as there are several rules and protocols to fly from and to Suriname.

Quarantine Accommodations

Each month  SHATA updates everyone with a accommodations list, where travelers can stay. 
The list contains accommodations from budget to luxury and will be renewed between 18-20 of each month. 
 .pdf /media/25794/shata-10-maart-2021-quarantaine-accommodaties-v8.pdf                     

 Quarantine Security  and Transport Companies

N.V. Luchthavenbeheer works with a list of selected taxi and bus companies and security companies. These can be used for the people who are authorized by the government to make use of Home Quarantine. The visitors are not allowed to be picked up by family and/ or friends. but need to use one of the selected companies.

 Security Companies :
ransport Companies:


Dutch Press Release

On 20 November the government sent out a press release due to the partial opening of the airspace.