Why you should join SHATA

  • The SHATA is the only leading (private) association who can provide lobby services to the Government regarding tourism policies and strategies.
  • As a member we make sure you get the same exposure as every other members, large, small or medium enterprises.
  • SHATA stands for joint marketing promotions, special offers and real business savings.
  • With a well-designed online Suriname portal and online marketing services, we offer you direct business with referral traffic to your booking webpages.
  • We also offer trade fairs, training courses, seminars and a network of the leading figures in Tourism.
  • And therefore opportunities for business and recommendations.
  • By increasing the number of travellers and tourist spending.

The importance of tourism for Suriname

Interested in the joint marketing promotions, special offers, real business savings and all other benefits of Suriname’s leading Hospitality and Tourism Association?



  • To qualify for membership your company must be registered by the Chamber of Commerce Suriname.
  • Must either be operational in the Tourism sector or have an affiliation.
  • Companies under construction, if within two years of membership SHATA construction is finalized you will eligible for membership.


Qualifications for affiliate packages:

*1 Preferred Vendor Status: will only be granted to companies who cater (or in part) towards tourism and tourist. Companies must value the Guest Experience and understand that they are part of the Surinamese Hospitality & Tourism Brand and the overall experience that tourist undergo is a combination of many. All SHATA members are part of the same Hospitality Experience Chain.

*2 Restrictions on the amount of shares, determined by the SHATA Facebook page editors.

*3 Each Executive Member will be allocated four (4) editorials each year. These editorials must be about the Company Brand or Products/services they provide.

*4 A special Bi-monthly newsletter in which only affiliated members will be highlighted. Editorial, member deals & discounts, (new) Products & Services.

*5 International Members

SHATA offers international companies/associations/businesses to become a member.
Via your international membership you will be afforded the benefits and advantages of membership.

Membership fees for all types of companies

Accommodation (Hotels/Guesthouses/Lodges)

based on rooms

# Rooms Yearly fee
1-10 rooms USD 250,-
11-20 rooms USD 500,-
21-30 rooms USD 750,-
31 - 60 rooms USD 1.250,-
61-125 rooms USD 2.000,-
125+ rooms USD 3.000,-
Tour Operators

based on employees

# Employees Yearly fee
Small (less than 3) USD 500,-
Midsize (3-9) USD 750,-
Large (10+) USD 1.000,-

based on number of seats

# Seats Yearly fee
Small 1-10 seats USD 250,-
Midsize 11-30 seats USD 500,-
Large 30+ seats USD 750,-

based on destination-region

Destination-region Yearly fee
Local & Guyana’s USD 2.500,-
Regional USD 5.000,-
Intercontinental USD 10.000,-

based on destination/brand

Destination/brand Yearly fee
Local USD 500,-
International USD 1.000,-
Affiliate member

based on promotion packages

Member package Yearly fee
Promotional package Silver USD 750,-
Promotional package Gold USD 1.500,-
Promotional package Platinum USD 3.000,-