COVID-19 Info



Restriction to Travel to Suriname
For the most recent information about requirements for travel to Suriname we would advice you to visit the website of Port Health : or the Ministry of foreign affairs website:

Protocols for the Branches
Port Health has written several protocols for the different branches in Suriname.
All the protocols can be found on the local health authority website

SHATA has worked on the protocols for her sector 
Resorts and recreation :                        /media/25779/covid-19-protocol_-recreatieoorden-en-resorts_versie-8_-28-sept-2020.pdf 
Restaurants and Bars:                          /media/25780/covid-19-protocol-eetgelegenheden-en-bars_outdoor-eating-_versie-50.pdf 
Tour Operators and Travel Agents:   /media/25778/covid-19-preventie-protocol-boekingskantoren-en-reis-bureaus.pdf             

Quarantine Accommodations
Each month  SHATA updates everyone with a accommodations list, where travelers can stay. 
The list contains accommodations from budget to luxury and will be renewed between 18-20 of each month.