Shata Highlights June 2022


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Shata signs MOU in the context of recovery and development of the tourism and leisure sector Para

The memorandum of understanding between the Hakrinbank, the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Tourism, the Federation of Para Plantations (FPP) and the Suriname Hospitality & Tourism Association (Shata) in the context of recovery and development of the tourism and recreation sector, in especially the Para-resorts, was signed on May 30. The Hakrinbank offers convenience and improvement with regard to access, promotion, booking and payment options at any time of the day via the SuCation web portal. Through this service, reservations, bookings and digital payments can be made online for a stay or visit to a Surinamese resort or accommodation.

Visit the Suriname Energy, Oil an Gas Summit from 28-30 june 2022 in Paramaribo Suriname

City Tour 1 - Paramaribo

Welcome to Paramaribo, Suriname! Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, is a city full of heritage, culture and history! Suriname was invaded by the Englishman and at last by the Zeelanders. Question: Did you know that Suriname is the greenest country in the world? or that "foto" actually means "fort"? 🤔 Watch the video below to learn more about the wonderful country of Suriname 😍! Our tourguide, Yves Tjon of Stg. United Tour Guides of Suriname, will take you on a tour in the city of Paramaribo.

Posted by SHATA on Tuesday, December 12, 2017