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Afobaka Resort lies in the heart of the district of Brokopondo, a stone’s throw from the Van Blommensteinmeer, a huge man-made lake. Designed as a reservoir and a source of hydroelectricity, the lake’s transformation into a beauty spot is characteristic of Suriname, where nature rules and development must accommodate it. The resort is on the left bank of the Suriname river.

In this verdant area of hills and trees sit seven special lodges/holiday homes  benefiting from every imaginable luxury, without losing that “forest feel”. The enjoyment of nature is paramount at Afobaka Resort, whether you’re relaxing in the peaceful environment or enjoying the activities that are possible here. And all this in the utmost comfort and with the best service.

Close to   Facilities  
Hydro Electric dam
Hydro Electric lake
Brownsberg Naturepark
Transmigration villages
Swimming in the river
Boat tour
Kayak tour 
Amenities   Services  
Hot and cold shower
Air conditioned

afobaka resort

Choose your accommodation

Seven lodges/holiday homes.

 Lodge 2 (Mope) is a two-bedroom house, each bedroom fitted with three-person bunks and a single bed. Lodges 3 (Faya Lobi), 4 (Loksi) and 5 (Swit Bontji) are two-bedroom houses with a queen-size bed in each bedroom.

Lodges 6 (Man P’paya, 7 (Amandra) and 8 (Kankanri) have four bedrooms, each containing a queen-size bed and a one-person bunk.

All lodges are fitted with a fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom and toilet with hot and cold water and air-conditioning throughout.

Some of the lodges are on the river and have their own pier.


Afobaka Resort offers true privacy and comfort.


Swimming: we have two beaches on the Surinam river.
Forest walks: take a lovely walk through unspoilt tropical rainforest
Fishing: take your rods along and catch delicious toenoenari and other types of fish.
Fishing tackle is available to rent at the resort.
Boat trips: a great way of getting to know the area

We can take you on a round trip up the Suriname river.
Kayak trip: fun in kayaks on the river or the lake


Catering can be arranged on request in the Faya Ston lodge by the river, where all meals can be enjoyed in a homely atmosphere.

afobaka resort