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Anaula Nature Resort invites you to an unforgettable, adventurous natural and cultural experience. The resort is located in the Surinam area on an island in the Ferulasi rapids. It offers luxury apartments or lodges with a spacious child-friendly swimming pool. Our virgin Amazon rainforest, turbulent rapids, beautiful flora and fauna, idyllic islands and the fascinating Maroon culture, will be several of the many things you will experience during your stay!

  1. Activities at Anaula Nature Resort

The Anaula Nature Resort offers a wide range of activities and excursions, which you can attend during your stay. The program parts forest walk, adventure boat trip, village walk and the cultural dance and music evening are included in our arrangements. All this under the guidance of a professional guide.

• Forest walk
The educational forest walks let you meet the best kept secrets of the tropical rainforest, such as the local medicinal use of plants and trees.
• Adventure boat trip
During this exciting nightly excursion, which takes about 1 1/2 hours, you will be looking for kayaks by a coral. You can also enjoy a beautiful starry sky
• Village walk
A visit to a Marrondorp will not be forgotten soon. The hospitable Marron population is proud of her culture and is pleased to introduce you to their ancient customs and customs.
• Cultural evening
You can not miss the dance and music evening with traditional Saramaccan singing and dance. Dances like the Seketi, Awasa and Bandamba will be performed for you. The cultural dance evening is not offered to a number of guests of 7 or less.

Travel tips:
• Due to the physical efforts during this tour, you must have reasonable physical fitness.
• It is advisable to bring a weekend bag to the country.
• For the choir rides, water boots or slippers are the most useful, while hiking or hiking in the forest is recommended.

What is included and not included in this tour?

The tours include:
• Transportation on tour days by bus or by boat
• Boat trips by canoe with an outboard motor
• Forest and village walks accompanied by local guides
• 3 meals a day during your stay at the resort
• Coffee, tea, lemonade and water throughout the day
• Accommodation in comfortable cabins with private bath and toilet
• Bath and hand towels are provided, it is not permitted to use them outside the accommodations. It is recommended to bring your own towel if you go swimming. Shampoo and shower gel are provided.
• Professional Dutch and English speaking guide throughout the tour program.

Not included in this tour:
• Tip
• Accident and travel insurance
• Softdrinks and alcoholis drinks

What to bring with you?.
• Flashlight with spare batteries
• A headgear (cap / hat)
• 1 Long trousers and long sleeve shirt against combustion and in the evening against mosquitoes
• Adequate film and / or video equipment
• Batteries
• Airy clothes
• Bath Towels
• Swimwear
• Raincoat or poncho or umbrella
• Gypsies and water boots
• Insecticide repellent
• Sunflower oil
• Flashlight and spare batteries
• Personal stuff
• Some Surinam’s money for buying souvenirs and your possible calculation


The location of Anaula Nature Resort

The Anaula Nature Resort is located on a woody island of ± 12 hectares in an area called the Ferulasi rapids in the center of Suriname. About 3 hectares of the island is used for the resort itself. The rest, 9 hectares, is pure tropical rainforest.

There are trails on the island, so you’re able to make a walk in the woods on your own or together with one of our guides. A walk around the island takes about 30 minutes. The island is located approximately 180 km from the capital of Suriname, Paramaribo, and it takes 4 hours by bus, followed by a boat trip of 1 hour.

Anaula Nature Resort is set according to the Surinamese health authority (Buro Public Health) in a malaria-free area. Swallowing malaria tablets is absolutely not necessary.

Boven-Suriname (Upper Suriname).
The Upper Surinam area, in which the Anaula Nature Resort is located, is famous for its unique culture of the Maroons and its pure Amazonian forest. The Maroons, descendants of runaway slaves, established themselves in the inaccessible interior long ago, where they built a new existence. Because of their isolated way of life, a completely different culture developed with strong African influences. Maroon villages like Ladoani, Gunsi, New Aurora and JawJaw are located near Anaula Nature Resort. The women in their colorful robes, the children playing on the water side in contrast to the purity of the tropical rain forest, provide a breathtaking scene. The Maroons are proud of their culture and are happy to meet you with their fascinating lifestyle.


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