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METS Travel & Tours, founded in 1962, is the most successful travel company in Suriname.

With two jungle lodges – Awarradam and Palumeu, in the Amazon forest and one on the coast – Colakreek, METS is committed to offering personal service to individual travelers and small groups who are looking for a different kind of vacation.

METS puts together unique excursions into the tropical rain forest, all-inclusive hotels, transport and all other travel arrangements for such a trip, as well as for business travelers who wish to visit Suriname.

In addition we take care of international tours to the finest vacation destinations in South and North America and the Caribbean. We are also agents for cruise ships.


Our staff consist of enthusiasts and experienced people, ready to be of service to you and to help you choose from the many impressive options Suriname has to offer and make a tailor-made dream vacation. Our professional team puts at your disposal a wealth of knowledge about vacations here and abroad.

Destination Suriname

METS Travel & Tours

Unspoiled and welcoming, Suriname is a land of enormous cultural diversity and one of the few places in the world where the tropical rain forest is still untouched. Get to know the authentic cultures that survive in the interior. Speaking their own languages, the natives are descendants of five lines, each with its own traditions and tongue.

The Surinamese government worked together with Conservation International to create the Central Suriname Nature Reserve, 1.6 million hectares of prime rainforest in Boven Coppename, west-central Suriname. This reserve forms a gateway to the three existing protected areas, Raleighvallen, Tafelberg and Eilerts de Haan Gebergte.

METS operates tours both here and in the neighboring Guyana and French Guiana. Accommodation includes traditional-style wooden houses.

METS Travel & Tours

For more active vacationers  METS can organize tours of the nature reserves for birdwatchers and to see the turtles which lay their eggs on the beach.

The newest tours take in the wonderful savannah areas near the airport at Zanderij, staying in comfortable bungalows at Colakreek recreation park, with flights over Paramaribo and around the coastal area.

Also popular are trips to Palumeu Jungle Lodge and Awarradam Jungle Lodge and Spa, and the Kasikasima and Gran Rio Jungle Expeditions.

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Palumeu Jungle Lodge

Palumeu Jungle Lodge, located close to the Indian village of the same name, lies on the bank of the Upper Tapahony River in the heart of the rainforest. The tour is ideal for nature lovers who want to experience the forest  as the  indigenous people do.

Price includes flights in and out by light aircraft, food and drinks (mealtimes only), accommodation, activities and Dutch- or English-speaking guide.

Awarradam Jungle Lodge & Spa

Awarradam Jungle Lodge & Spa is a small, idyllic island, hidden away in the Amazon rainforest at the foot of the Awarradam rapids, is a 20-minute boat trip from the last village occupied by the Saramaccan, the largest community of Marrons, descendants of escaped slaves from the plantations. This makes this trip perfect not just for nature lovers but for those wishing to learn about how the west Africans maintained their culture when transferred to Suriname.

Kasikasima Jungle Tour

Kasikasima Jungle Tour is for those who fancy an adventurous day out. You fly from Paramaribo to Palumeu (see above). Spend the night camping, sleeping in a hammock, with a seven-hour hike up one of the Kasikasima Mountains. You’ll feel on top of the world as you take in the stunning view of the rainforest below.

Price includes flights in and out by light aircraft, food and drinks (mealtimes only), accommodation, activities and Dutch- or English-speaking guide.

Gran Rio River Tour

The Gran Rio River Tour takes you through the beautiful, rugged Amazon rainforest with breathtaking views of river and rapids and there’s a feeling of truly getting away from the developed world. Price includes flights in and out by light aircraft, food and drinks (mealtimes only), accommodation, activities and Dutch- or English-speaking guide.


Colakreek Recreation Park

Colakreek Recreation Park is 50 km outside Paramaribo, just three km from the international airport at Zanderij. It’s a natural spring where you can enjoy the water and what makes it really different is the fully equipped conference room and the Savannah Education Center, where you can learn about the flora and fauna of the area.

METS Travel & Tours
METS Travel & Tours

Mets your partner in Suriname

  • METS Travel & Tours is the most experienced tour operator in Suriname. On 13 January 2017 we celebrated our 56th year.
  • In partnership with local communities we manage jungle lodges. This way we can guarantee the best quality.
  • METS is part of a bigger network. Our parent company is Suriname Airways and we’re a sister company of the Residence Inns in Paramaribo and Nickerie.
  • METS has a variety of offers for the tourist, which we either manages ourselves or through agents throughout Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana and the other countries in the region.
  • METS can provide a total round-trip package in Suriname and elsewhere, for everyone from individuals to groups and catering for all budgets from economy to luxury.
  • We use well-qualified guides, and becaue we recruit them from the local communities, we know they understand the culture and natural surroundings better than anyone.
  • Those who travel with METS are making a direct contribution to the communities.
  • METS is ISO:9001-2008 certified.
  • We will reply to all enquiries within 24 hours.