The Para district was established in the year 1968 and is named after the river, which with its tributaries (creeks) largely forms the basin of the central part of the district. The area of ​​Para district is 5393 km2. At the census in 2012, the population of this district was determined at 24700 inhabitants. The district of Para is subdivided into 5 districts, of which Unexpected is the capital. The only international airport of Suriname, Johan Adolf Pengel Airport, is located in the Para district.

In the 17th century, the capital of Suriname was in the district of Para, on the so-called 'Jodensavanne'. Around 1640 the first Jews settled on Cassipora Creek. They had fled from Spain from persecution by the Inquisition and started planting sugar cane plantations, where they also kept slaves. Around 1650 a second group of Jews arrived, this time from England. A third group, led by David Cohen Nassy, ​​came from Mauritsstad (Brazil) to Suriname. They had initially fled from Spain to Dutch Brazil and had founded plantations there together with the Dutch at the invitation of Governor Johan Maurits. In 1832 Jodensavanne was almost completely destroyed by fire. It was already largely deserted by then; the inhabitants had moved to Paramaribo.

The district of Para is a unique place to stay with mostly touristic places such as Cola Creek, Republic, Redi Dotie, Kraka and Powakka. Cola Creek has been very popular for decades because of its magical black water, which for many reflects the magic of the Coca Cola drink.

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