Saramacca is a district located on the western border of the capital. The area of ​​Saramacca is 3636km2. The capital of the Saramacca district is Groningen, and other important places are Batavia and Boskamp. According to the last census in 2012, Saramacca district had 17480 inhabitants. Saramacca district is subdivided into 6 districts. In 1983, the district division was revised and much of Saramacca was added to other districts, including the new Sipaliwini district.

Saramacca is sometimes called "the vegetable and fruit shed of Suriname". The main means of subsistence is agriculture, mainly small-scale farming. Along the main road there are some rice farms and in the resort of Jarikaba bacove are widely planted for export. In addition to agriculture, oil extraction has been an important addition to income since the 1980s. Important places where oil is extracted are: Catharina Sophia, Sara Maria and Josikreek.

All population groups are also represented in the Saramacca district. The largest groups are the Hindustani and the Javanese. This group of people owns the small agricultural family businesses.

Saramacca is a Unique place to be. In Saramacca the birds will warm your heart

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